It’s no secret that the right piece of furniture transforms your living room. Keeping your design aesthetic is a speak of today’s trend. We invited a selection of top furniture trends to look out for in 2020. Our furniture gives the inspiration outfit to your home. To use of traditional furniture is something people have begun requesting nowadays.

  1. Traditional Design– The furniture trend we see the most is the re-emergence of traditional designs. We’re seeing this in the rounded shapes in upholstery furniture, the use of the cane in wooden pieces as well as kilter shapes in mirrors and accessories. 
  2. Eco-friendly furniture- Furniture designers are getting creative with materials like concrete and bamboo making pieces that are eye-catching and inspiring while keeping the environment in mind. 
  3. Rattan and Wicker- It warmly reminds me of my childhood and has evolved in fresh and exciting ways whether in chairs, tables, or lighting. It is the perfect layer to establish a balance between traditional and modern styles.
  4. Sculpture Furniture – these have been a growing trend of unusual, unique pieces of furniture that will continue to grow. There will be pieces that create a unique, mindful product and it’s quality. 
  5. Textured accents- the texture is in no way showing any sign of losing popularity. From the increased caning accents, metal grills, and the rough-hewn woodwork seen on today’s new furniture items, when it comes to making a visual statement.
  6. Large Organic Mirrors- Instead of art, large, organic mirrors are statement pieces that can be a focal point in an interior, like a dressing room or bathroom.
  7. Statement Furnishing– Everything is cyclical in design, we’re seeing the resurgence of ’80s trends. We’re also seeing a focus on furnishings that play with scale-like oversized lamps. 
  8. Traditional Details– As someone who appreciates the mix of modern and classic elements, and more intricate detailing on the furniture and decorative accessories.