The Living Room is the place where we retreat at the end of the day and often feel the most ourselves- so naturally, we want it to look as good as possible. Don’t settle yourself with the cheap or boring, take inspiration from Shahi Furniture to achieve a more extravagant result.

  1. Arrange your living room around a stylish rug

A stylish rug is a piece that pulls your room together and makes your interiors feel finished. Arrange your key furniture around it to create a maximum impact as they’ve done with sofa, chairs, or center table. Don’t forget to add a line of plumped up with cushions or accessories which seem to make the living room more expensive.

  1. Decorate with Darkest Colours

You can create an effect of darker paints or a pick darker wallpaper design. Pep your living room with decorative choice furniture with a smattering bright detail, such as tables, lamps, and ceiling light to complete the designer feel.

  1. Build your Corners

Artworks or putting corners help to give a living room an upmarket vibe. Two adjacent walls of corners furniture create an artistic corner that attracts from the simple furnishing.No space is complete until all nooks are lovingly decorated, and luckily combining clusters of corners decoration are tend to be easy. So keep decorating your living room with corners to polish off every inch of your home.

  1. Inject some colors

Adding some bright colors is the easiest way to make a neutral living room that looks more designed and more expensive. The Red Sofa or bright curtains adds an impact that makes the living room livelier. Also, lamps, cushions, vases, and rugs are all ways to add a touch of color.

  1. Hang long curtains

There something about floor drapes that signify luxury and grandeur. Team your curtains with a decorative chandelier to ramp up your house. Choose a patterned material as it provides an eye-catching effect.

  1. Introduce some velvet

Velvet never goes out of fashion and has a luxurious feel to make a room feel higher standard and special. Velvet adds a shimmery charm to your living room. Your velvet-covered furniture fills the living room with jewel-like shades.

  1. Show off a vintage treasure

It’s possible to unearth the beautiful vintage if you search around our store Shahi Furniture where you find a traditional or vintage chest, sofa, dresser, almirahs, etc. This traditional furniture you can use them to place lamps and photos to inject a feeling of tradition that will help your living room feel more expensive.